Facebook Life-Sharing
posters, logs, performance, lecture and installation
2010 - 2012

Facebook Life-Sharing was privacy 'enhancing' online action when Philipp Teister opened his most personal social networking service account to public. His login details including email and password has been released and all the world were invited take control over his digital life and to perform mischievously under the name of Philipp Teister. Read, write and execute permissions included.

He revealed the sacred spot of all digital natives and digital immigrantsm this project has tried to open the hidden door into new era of user transparence.

"We do not have to feel inferior of social networks, anymore", Teister explains due to a marked reactivity of mood and continued, "I just wanted to leave someone else in charge of my abandoned Facebook account. Putting all these links, messages and pics/videos online all day had become to such a big hassle. This may be the relieve from our everyday's web 2.0 'pain in the ass' life."

Facebook Life-Sharing was presented at LitFlow – For the literature of tomorrow in Berlin, 2012 during a Think tank session together with: Larry Birnbaum, Rita Bollig, Caroline Drucker, Jane Friedman, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ingo Niermann, Kathrin Passig, Elisabeth Ruge, Hilmar Schmundt, Bob Stein and Philipp Teister.

LitFlow was an event of the Federal Cultural Foundation.

Browse my entire Facebook account online (version Sept 27, 2011)
Interview on Imperica.org: Eating Facebook (2010) [PDF]
Philipp Teister's entire Facebook archive is available as download (2009 - 2011) [.zip compressed]

Exhibition, #hashtagisthemessage in Deventer/NL, 2011
Exhibition, #hashtagisthemessage in Deventer/NL, 2011
Exhibition, #hashtagisthemessage in Deventer/NL, 2011
Exhibition, #hashtagisthemessage in Deventer/NL, 2011
Poster, Transprivacy somewhere in Düsseldorf/DE, 2011
Poster, Artclub in Vienna/AT, 2011

Suspicious access
Suspicious access